Back in Italy..

Finally at home!

wait… finally?

Except PIZZA and COFFEE we didn’t miss home (mom, dad… sorry)! We felt in love with this City and we are very sad to return at home, also if we will see again our families!

This was a great experience, thank you to everyone that made it possible.

Detroit, see you next year! We definitely want to return.

00011279 - 00011335_blended_fused

Now is time to get back to work. We had to analyze all survey’s results and apply an integrated analysis combining economic evaluation, urban studies and GIS technologies. We had also to define a definitive index and start to write about our experience.

We decided to not close this blog but to use it like a tool: we realised that it is a great way to organise our research, to planning the work and to keep track of all the things that we done. It’s like an all-inclusive database with photos, web-site links, documents, videos and much else; besides so we agreed to continue to write here our future crucial steps concerning this master thesis in architecture.

Moreover, since we met a lot of people in Detroit and some of them follow us here, this WordPress blog is a good way to keep in touch with them and be able to update them about our progresses. We will write here not that frequently like now but, as much as possible, quite often.




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