Our last trip…


After one night in Pittsburgh to visit Francesca, another student of architecture from Turin in US for her master thesis too, we left at 11 AM towards New York. Our return flight departed at 8.30 PM and Giulia (only Giulia can drive our car) drove for 7 hours with only three short breaks because we were afraid to loose the flight! Indeed, we arrived at the check-in only 15 minutes before the closure. Fortunately, also if we had one more suitcase (and so we had to pay more), we made it through security without a hitch.

Food for thought #n°

After two months of America, and of Americans, we can list a series of strangeness that we consider super weird and some habits that are not so common in Italy and, in general, in Europe. Don’t get mad guys, we joke 🙂

#1 – Restaurants serve ice in your water no matter the weather

#2 – Air conditioning. Everywhere. At all time!

#3 – How hard is calculating tips?!

#4 – The waiters come back to check on you every three minutes. If possible, while             you have your mouth full…

#5 – Waiters refilling your glass as soon as the water dips below the halfway point

#6 – Pharmacies also sell candy, soda, food….

#7 – One gallon (four litres!) milk bottles and packs with at least 12 eggs

#8 – Being asked for your ID when you enter a bar or buy a beer or cigarettes, even             though you are clearly over 30 years old

(In fact, this is a good habits!)

#9 – Pool-slippers style… why??


#10 – The currency all looks the same. And coins size doesn’t reflect their value

#11 – Prices are always displayed without taxes

#12 – The clerks fill your bags at the supermarket

#13 – Pubs, clubs and nightclubs close at 2.00 AM. And bartenders literally kick you             out at 2.01

#14 – When someone says “how are you?” or “how are you doing” but they    really mean “hello”. And you never know how to answer

#15 – Flags. Everywhere. EVERYWHERE


#16 – This travesty they have the audacity to call “Espresso”

#17 – Sauces galore (also on salad!)

#18 – Unadjustable showerheads

#19 – Commercials and social also for churches

#20 – Drive-through everything

#21 – The sheer amount of food choices

#22 – The gaps between the doors in public restrooms

#23 – Grated mozzarella (???)

#24 – Why guys don’t you write PUSH and PULL on the doors?!

#25 – Stop 4 ways. Only after a month of everyday drives we discover how to deal!

#26 – 4840 traffic lights at every intersection

#27 – The rule regulating the street addresses. Why between two nearby houses                     there are four,five or also ten numbers? 2348 – 2350 – 2356 – 2360


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