Bye Detroit, see you soon!


It’s time to go home, our time here in Detroit is done. This trip was a great experience and also if we are happy to return in Italy and to see our families, we are really sad to leave this amazing city! But don’t worry Detroit, we’ll come back!

Thanks to everyone that helped us during these two months and to all those who lead us to discovering the city.

A special thanks to Martin and Lisa, you were the perfect housmates: lovely and funny! See you in Berlin maybe 🙂

Thanks to all our Italian friends here in Detroit: Daniele, Patrizia, Vittorio and Filippo…we love you! We are really glad to meet you. If we enjoyed our time is thanks to you and all our adventures together. See you soon in Italy!

Thank you Ray and thanks to all your staff (Mona, Brianna and Jessica), you were the first who showed a genuine interest in our university research.

Thank you Adrian for all contacts and opportunities that you gave us; if our stay here was so good and our research went well this has only been possible because of you. Come visit us in Italy!

And now one last trip to Pittsburgh to visit a friend and tomorrow, at the JFK Airport in New York, we have our return flight to Milano, Italy.

We will miss you a lot Detroit and Detroiters!


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