Our last meeting

Today we had the last meeting concerning our research with Jason Friedmann, a man that works for the City, in particular he works for the Housing and Revitalization Department. We met him during the community meeting last week for the redevelopment of Transfiguration School into a mixed-income housing and we agreed to see each other for discuss about our master thesis. It was a very interesting and clarifying meeting because he explaned to us the structure of the different departments of the City and their interrelation. After the meeting we figured out better the relation between the Planning and Development Department, the City Planning Commission, the Housing and Revitalisation Department and the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department. It’s a shame that we didn’t met Mr. Friedmann before but, fortunately, we agreed to stay in contact!

To understand how the City works and which are the relations between an institution and the others is not so easy, also for the employees of the city hall! We’d really love to realise a chart that explain better these relations, and Mr Friedmann think that this is a good idea! So stay tuned…

In particular Jason Friedmann explained us better the project concerned the implementation of Commercial Corridors in all the Detroit area for try to improve the economy of the City. Actually we don’t have any material, map or data that we can show here in our WordPress website but we hope that, in the future, the City can sharing with us some of theis studies. For the moment we can publish a map current on the Data Driven Detroit website that shows an analysis of existing Commercial Corridors in the City (in 2012).

Commercial corridors Data Driven Detroit

37 Minutes with Jason Friedmann in Hamtramck

Detroit selects ‘Pink Zone’ partners


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