Transfiguration School Meeting

Thanks to a new friend, today we attended at another community meeting in the District 3. This event was about the development of a multi-family housing in the former Transfiguration School located at 13300 Syracuse Street and the location of the meeting was the same. This was the first meeting with residents that, like every time the City is willing to develop some project, are really involved in the decision-making process. The contribution of the population was great and it seems that everyone that took part at the meeting was sincerely interested in it and in tell his opinion about. A lady also proposed to do a tour of the building to show to partecipants what their were talking about: it seems a brilliant idea also to organisers so, at the end of the meeting, the tour took place and everyone had the possibilityto see this historic and well maintained building.

The proposal concerned the possible conversion of the ex-tranfiguration school in one new complex of apartments in collaboration between the City of Detroit and the Archdiocese of Detroit. The project proposal shall be generated through a contest which ends on June 5th. There are some requirements pre-arranged, for example the obligation to ensure at least 20% to those households at 80% of the area median income or lower. Other important requests are about the number of apartments, which shall be between 15 and 25, the requirement to provide at least 1.25 parking spaces for every apartment, the preservation of historic archicture items and the obligation of giving priority to residents in the area during the lease.

The Department that is engaged in this development project is the Housing and Revitalization Department, that works together with the Planning and Development Department, identifying intervention areas and selecting building adequate for the transformation process.

Transfiguration School Project Guidelines

City of Detroit – Transfiguration School

Article – Transfiguration School Redevelopment


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